Running With RealDeal

Apr 7

I’m gonna skip the part about why I haven’t posted in a long time, and just talk about today’s run.

First the stats…

2.02 mi in 23:10 (The Nielson Challenge is a fun, free 2-mile race on the first Saturday of every month)

But since it was my last chance for a long run before my HALF-MARATHON IN 8 DAYS!!!!, I decided I wanted to get a few more miles. I was thinking another 6-7 would be enough, but then 10 total miles for the day sounded like such a nice, round number, so I went for it.

8.06 mi in 1:44:46 (which turned out to be exactly a 13:00 min pace) My original goal was a 2:30 half, but after that 5-week illness/hiatus, I think I will be okay settling for a 2:50 time.

TOTAL:  10.08 in 2:07:56

I’ve been a tad worried that I’m trying to do too much too fast after 5 weeks of inactivity, but my body not only seems to be handling things, but it’s actually capable of more than I’ve wanted to give it credit for. Though with normal soreness, my legs have been fine. It’s my back that gets REAL sore for a day or two after a tough run like this.

But that’s okay. I’m going to rest for a couple days, then do a couple easy taper runs mid-week, then rest for 2 days before the race on April 15! Mentally, I finally am feeling like I’ll be able to do it. Between miles 3-5 today, I wasn’t so sure. But by mile 6 through 8 it “locked in” and I felt in the zone like I could go indefinitely. It’s only 3 more miles for the half. My plan: kill it…like a boss…to the max….other witty phrases….

Other awesome fun things from today’s run (other than that lovely photo of Pikes Peak):

1. Saw a dude on the (packed dirt) trail barefootin’ it.

2. Ran into an acquaintance I hadn’t seen in years.

3. Saw a group of folks with swords “practicing”

4. Saw a very large crane swoop down and grab something out of the river

5. Some 9/10-year old boy won the NC with a time of 11:27 (He was crossing the line right as I was finishing mile 1 - it’s a figure 8 loop)