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Painful Path to Progress

3.07 miles - 45:00 flat!

Jack Quinn’s Run again tonight. I was rushing/lazy and didn’t really warm-up properly. Maybe that’s why I had some shin pain and a little peroneal tendon trouble between mile 1-2. I had also felt a good bit of soreness over the last 2 days from the crazy hill trail run on Saturday that might have contributed.

But that last mile felt pretty good and I was happy to be under 15-min pace for the 5k

Oopses and Hillses

4 miles - 1:07:34 (16:46 pace)

I waited until early afternoon when the temperature reached it’s peak at about 57 degrees. It felt like a glorious warm Spring day. It was nice running in shorts and a t-shirt for a change!

Since my usual trail is being bulldozed to make room for new homes, I tried out a new trail that isn’t too much farther away. The Homestead Trail is on a ridge that goes between homes and is one of the hilliest I’ve ever been on. I had a total of 545 ft. of elevation gain, with 219 in the first mile. So I’m not heart-broken about the pace/time since I had some slow climbs, frequent walk breaks and even stopped to stretch/rest a couple times.

It did offer some nice views though.

Here’s where I paused after a particularly steep climb:

And here was the view at the crest of the highest hill:

(There are roughly 400,000 hiding down there between me and those mountains!)

As I neared returning to my car, I thought about just grabbing a mouthful of water and continuing for another mile or two. But as I reached for my key….it wasn’t there.


That’s the first time my key has fallen out and I groaned for about 5 seconds, before I turned around to re-trace my steps, thinking: “Well, I wanted to get a little more distance in, sooo…”

Fortunately, it was only about a half mile back when a pre-teen boy walking his dog held the key aloft and said, “Excuse me, sir?”

That was a joyful moment. I thanked him profusely and told him what a great guy he was.

  • great hillwork
  • got desired distance of 4 miles
  • gorgeous day
  • faith in humanity: +1

Paving Paradise

1.77 miles - 29:13

Blurg…my favorite trail (and really, the only option near my home that isn’t concrete or asphalt) is being bulldozed to make room for a new housing development.

It was just over a year ago when the other packed dirt trail by home got paved.

I feel like this city wants to hurt my shins and knees. =/

Guess it’s time to go explore and find other trails to drive to!


Ate half my lunch at the restaurant, boxed the other half to take home. This happens rarely enough for me that I deemed it noteworthy.

That is all.

Feb 9

PPRR Winter Series #3

is in the books!

5 miles - 1:11:31

I wasn’t feeling terribly confident this morning, since (for a variety of reasons excuses) I hadn’t run AT ALL for the last 11 days. =(

I was fully expecting a 1:20 time, but hoping to get in utter 1:15. The out-and-back was uphill for the “out” and downhill for the “back”. Since I’ve been really struggling with uphills for the last month or so, I was anticipating the familiar peroneal pain, but was glad it was a no-show. 

The first mile actually went surprisingly well, but then right near the 1 mile marker, I got a weird pain on the inside of my knee, right above the calf. Hadn’t experienced that one before, and I could tell it was getting worse as I kept running, so I played it safe and walked for a while. Not great for my pace, but after 10-15 minutes, the mystery pain was gone, and I got back into a rhythm again.

Obviously, the downhill “back” part felt a lot better and I made up for some of my lost time in the first half. I was pleased to see 1:11 on the clock as I approached the finish! 

I’m vowing to not derail my training like another almost-2-week-break again. Hopefully I can keep it up.

Also: Pretty much all of the other Tumblrs I follow are good at posting lots of pics. I don’t know why it never occurs to me to take pics, so I apologize for my boring, text-only posts.

So I found a photo online of the trailhead area where our start/finish was today. (Close enough?)

Feb 2






Someone shared this on facebook—the friends I’m doing the Boulder tri series with—and they were wicked impressed by this. Who wouldn’t be? Can we just take a second to appreciate the incredible shape this man is in. HOLY CRAP. He makes it look so easy, but dang, I want to be able to do some of this stuff.

Watch and prepare to have your mouth drop open in about ten seconds.

Holy cow! This is impressive.

Reblog for “reference.” And by “reference” I mean watching him do the Hindu push-ups on infinite loop.

I mean…. Goodness!! Some of these are silly (backflip burpies… Yeah ok!) but others are awesome! This guy has to be like .2% body fat!

That dude is a bad mofo!

Good grief!

When It Snowed Yesterday…

I’m sure many people thought, “No WAY I’m running out there!” But for me, I was eager with anticipation all day, looking forward to a 5k in the teens with snow on the ground. Just another reminder that I def have the run bug.

Doug, I remembered to take a picture! Here’s the course for the weekly Jack Quinn’s Run Club:

And here’s what I look like right after I pull off my hat and balaclava

(Note: camera doesn’t do justice to the soaking wet, hot mess)

Unfortunately, I did have to work through some peroneal tendon pain again. I didn’t warm up or stretch nearly as much as I did for the race last Saturday, so maybe that’s the key?

Still, that 3rd mile was great and made up for a lot of the walking in the first 2 miles.

3.1 miles - 49:43


When I was leaving for the race this morning, my daughter was very encouraging: “Do good at your race, daddy! I hope you win!”

And when I came home I was able to tell her I DID win. Because every time I run, I’m competing against myself, and against the negative self-talk.

Today was a big win.

4 Miles - 51:34 (12:49 pace)

I was thrilled that I experienced little or no pain today! I was actually able to charge a couple of the hills rather than limp up them. That was a nice change.

I love the camaraderie of the Pikes Peak region runners. I’m actually becoming familiar with some of the faces in this crowd:

I got a few comments about the Jack Quinn’s shirt I was wearing. A lot of locals around here are Jack Quinn’s Run Clubbers, so every time I wear that shirt I run into “family”.

I also came to the realization that I always see other runners start/stop their watches on the start/finish line. I’ve always worn a watch, but just glance at the time and the do the math in my head as I run to tell how long I’ve been going. I think I like doing the time/distance/pace type math in my head to distract me when I start to feel pain or bored. I don’t think I’ve ever actually used the chrono on my stopwatch! lol

I didn’t actually take any photos during the run, but circled back to the finish chute after I finished and took this for some reason:

In the first half of the race, don’t be an idiot. In the second half, don’t be a wimp.

- RW Editor at Large Amby Burfoot’s favorite quote from The Little Red Book of Running, by Running Times editor Scott Douglas. (via runnersworld)

Rocky Raccoon 100 people…

We will need to remember this

(via becomingiron)


Mile 1

is the most miserable mile.

3 miles in 46:37

When my runapp spoke at 0.5 mile and said my pace was 17:25/mile, I’ll admit I got a little depressed. I thought back to when I was averaging 11-12 min pace for longer distances and was just about to break the 10-minute pace for under 2 miles. Back-tracking can be heart-breaking.

So for the next 15-20 minutes I fought a lot of negative self-talk.

My lower back was killing me. The outside of the calves (both sides) were on fire every time the grade turned uphill. I’m a little worried about possible peroneal tendonitis. In the back of my mind is the promise to a friend to do a marathon in September. I’m back up to my highest weight in over 3 years.

At mile one, I sent a tweet: “Pushing through the pain”.

At 1.5 - where the trail basically ends - I turned around, thinking that I at least would get the distance, even if it was going to take longer.

Then, right around mile 2, as I was jogging on a bit of flat trail, I crested a hill and realized I took that hill without any pain. 

Oh yeah! Then I remembered that I experienced the same thing at last week’s race. Lots of pain during the first half (which was mostly uphill), then the legs started to loosen up and relax and I was able to run almost all of the second half.

So I did. I ran - and actually felt justified in use of the word “run” (vs. “jog”). 

I feel so dense for how long it’s taking me to learn things like:  maybe I need to warm up more? Walk/light jog for the first 15 or so minutes, then begin. Ok, body. I get it. I’ll learn. 

I’m looking forward to my next run when I can put a new strategy to the test.

(Sorry, Doug. Forgot to take pictures again. I’ll try to remember.)

*Thumbs up* for boring, too-long, all-text ramblings! ;)