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Things I’m Proud Of

A Tumblr friend is encouraging folks to list some things they’re proud of. Since I may be overfond of beating myself up normally, I’ll give it a go…with this disclaimer: anything I am proud of is based on the knowledge that God created me with purpose and gifts and strengths, and has provided more blessings, resources, and supportive friends/family than I could list. 

I was on the fence about getting back into P90X, so I’m proud of myself for ending my lazy season and starting to work on health again.

I am proud of my kids…and the job my wife and I are doing to raise them.

My son (9yo) is developing into a compassionate, observant, hard-working guy.

My daughter (7yo) is our wildcat. She is adventurous, brave, enthusiastic, and full of passion.

I’m proud of my wife. After 9 years as a stay-at-home mom, she’s working again. Not full time, but enough to keep her busy, help our family financially, and serve our church with her expertise. (business accounting)

I’m proud of my church. We’ve been there for over 6 years and have been involved in a variety of ways. It has been amazing to see genuine people intentionally seek ways to serve others and serve God.

I’m proud of my friends & family. This may sound too general…but it is great being able to keep up on what’s going on in the lives of people who have meant something to me via Facebook, Tumblr, etc. So many of them are fulfilling God’s calling on their lives, being excellent at what they do, and making me proud of how they do it!

Hope that’s close to what you were looking for, Robin! :)


So much sweat and soreness, and only 2 days in. Fortunately, I have past experience to motivate me. I know this first week or two is really hard, but then you get into the good part, when you start feeling stronger, more energy, etc.

Payin’ my dues…

P90X Redux

Oy….Other than reblogging a couple things, I know I’ve been dead air for the last 6 months. I honestly check my Tumblr feed every day and am thrilled to follow the journeys of others, but have been reticent to share anything about me.

Step 1: Tomorrow I start a new round of P90X. It’s been over 3 years since I attempted it. I got through 2 months (with great progress!) but stalled out cuz I can’t even remember why.

Some friends started up an accountability group and I finally committed to it. (Nothing like waiting till the 11th hour…)

Honestly, I feel a lot of skepticism about how well I’m going to do…or how long I’ll last before quitting. I know that’s poisonous, negative self-talk, blah blah blah…here’s hoping I can figure out a way to get my head in the right place and stick with it.

I think it’s fitting to dedicate this to the strongest woman I know on the internet. I think you qualify, Bettie!

I think it’s fitting to dedicate this to the strongest woman I know on the internet. I think you qualify, Bettie!

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Jun 9

For my Tumblr friends who lift heavy things. (Looking at you, badassbettiethefitandfooddiaries, and notjustrunnershigh!)


Winter Series Complete!

Pikes Peak Road Runners Winter Series #4

6.2 miles in 1:30:31 (Pace - 14:36)

The cool thing about that pace is that on Tuesday when I did the Jack Quinn’s 5k, my pace was 14:38. I was a little shocked that I did a little better at twice the distance, but I’ll chock it up to the race mood.

Even with the tough hill run I did last Saturday, I was quite unprepared for how tough those really long hills. The temp started at 18 and ended at 44, so other than a cold nose, I was actually pretty comfortable. It was a nice day though, and the dirt roads were great to run on. The snow that we did have to run on was lightly packed, with no ice. (No falls - yay!)

View of open field in the midst of Black Forest:

View of Pikes Peak off in the distance past the trees:

I had no peroneal tendon issues, just calves burning from the hill climbs and a little tenderness in my right hamstring.

And the swag for everyone who did all 4 races was a beanie and a couple glasses:

Painful Path to Progress

3.07 miles - 45:00 flat!

Jack Quinn’s Run again tonight. I was rushing/lazy and didn’t really warm-up properly. Maybe that’s why I had some shin pain and a little peroneal tendon trouble between mile 1-2. I had also felt a good bit of soreness over the last 2 days from the crazy hill trail run on Saturday that might have contributed.

But that last mile felt pretty good and I was happy to be under 15-min pace for the 5k

Oopses and Hillses

4 miles - 1:07:34 (16:46 pace)

I waited until early afternoon when the temperature reached it’s peak at about 57 degrees. It felt like a glorious warm Spring day. It was nice running in shorts and a t-shirt for a change!

Since my usual trail is being bulldozed to make room for new homes, I tried out a new trail that isn’t too much farther away. The Homestead Trail is on a ridge that goes between homes and is one of the hilliest I’ve ever been on. I had a total of 545 ft. of elevation gain, with 219 in the first mile. So I’m not heart-broken about the pace/time since I had some slow climbs, frequent walk breaks and even stopped to stretch/rest a couple times.

It did offer some nice views though.

Here’s where I paused after a particularly steep climb:

And here was the view at the crest of the highest hill:

(There are roughly 400,000 hiding down there between me and those mountains!)

As I neared returning to my car, I thought about just grabbing a mouthful of water and continuing for another mile or two. But as I reached for my key….it wasn’t there.


That’s the first time my key has fallen out and I groaned for about 5 seconds, before I turned around to re-trace my steps, thinking: “Well, I wanted to get a little more distance in, sooo…”

Fortunately, it was only about a half mile back when a pre-teen boy walking his dog held the key aloft and said, “Excuse me, sir?”

That was a joyful moment. I thanked him profusely and told him what a great guy he was.

  • great hillwork
  • got desired distance of 4 miles
  • gorgeous day
  • faith in humanity: +1

Paving Paradise

1.77 miles - 29:13

Blurg…my favorite trail (and really, the only option near my home that isn’t concrete or asphalt) is being bulldozed to make room for a new housing development.

It was just over a year ago when the other packed dirt trail by home got paved.

I feel like this city wants to hurt my shins and knees. =/

Guess it’s time to go explore and find other trails to drive to!